Tesla tequila: how real estate developers can expand their brands into other sectors

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As many of you know, we have been talking about brand expansion in unusual places for some time.

We want to be there for so long because we believe in innovation and expansion, so when Tesla dropped tequila, it made totally sense.

In addition, alcohol, like tequila, is generally good for brand expansion, and expansion makes sense in real estate, especially in the luxury sector.

Some brands are establishing themselves in their sector, which allows them to expand into similar but different verticals within the same sector. I think it’s also culturally cool, so we have extensions into different categories of cool.

I think Ferrari has done that and I see Ferrari as an engineering/Race company doing good things, but their logo is cool and very relevant, especially in the luxury goods sector.

So they had the option of making Theme Parks, like the one in Abu Dhabi that we would all wish to visit, the theme park is the best blend of Fun, racing, and adventure, but located in one of the most luxurious places on earth, in this way the Ferrari brand created its expansion in another sector that is actually totally out from its core business: Luxury Cars.

Undoubtedly, this has the potential to have something to do with the target demo on which the product or service is running. I’m not sure what to do. M: Surely 99 percent of people would say yes, but you are the only one who says that Ferrari should make headphones because they are one of the brands that have established themselves.

I think Lamborgini and Mercedes should go into other sectors, but I think they should go into sectors that are closer to their audiences. Nine years ago Apple could have come out with sneakers and gotten a lot of attention from people who love sneakers.

If we could enter the market and then innovate what is in our DNA, we would be number one in the world, perhaps even number one.

Braun Should Be The Greatest Razor: If you had to buy a Ferrari razor, who would you buy it from and why?

The big question for your audience is: “Where do you grow and can I grow my small business? Do you think you have the permission, credit, or reputation to grow? I use this demo and ambebe without the permission of the company, but I think I have the permission and recognition for my reputation and my growth.

A new wall paint product with very particular color schemes could be a nice expansion for real estate development brands.

The question for real estate developers is:

  • Where your property’s brand can expand?
  • Which Audience do you serve?
  • What’re your brand’s “permissions”?
  • And are there areas you want to get into?
  • What can you do for your personal brand?
  • Where can you go?
  • What can you offer?

Are there any areas you would like to be involved in, such as furniture, luxury goods, corporate development or other areas of your company?

Use the attention you have and ask them to understand what you can do for them and what they love, perhaps, golf? yachting? sails?

CMOs, should read this article, please read it and share it with your friends and family as soon as possible.

Let’s be innovative, even if it’s more than a hoodie or a T-shirt, let’s expand in unique and interesting ways. Build your brand, encourage it to get creative and build on it, build it, and expand it.



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