Hyper-Realistic 3D Renderings
for Real Estate

If you are looking for the best 3D visualization for your next development in Halifax and

quality, accuracy, and realism are not negotiable, you are in the right place.

Our clients

Brands that are using our 3D rendering services

About Yuge™

Yuge™ has been founded in 2008 by a couple of Italian designers.

Our clients range from small developers to the biggest companies in North America.

Here in Halifax, We are working with the most important developers like Westwood, Killam REIT, W.M. Fares, Argyle Developments, Templeton, and many others.

We are professional, dedicated to delivering the most accurate and realistic 3D Renderings to our clients, to help them to share their vision with the world.

How we can get this result?

With a proprietary onboarding & production system developed specifically for architectural 3D renderings that speed-up the development process by 400%.


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Details & Perfection

We encourage you to click on these 3D renderings to notice the details of each image and the accuracy of the lights, shadows, materials, and textures.

Because these are the features that make the difference between low-quality 3D renderings and premium quality 3D renderings.

Yuge™ 3D Rendering Services

Fastest Turnaround - Only 3 Days

File Submission
Revision & Approval

+ 1 Day

3 Days Total
Design & Development

+ 1 Day


+ 1 Day

Ready to turn your vision into amazing still images & videos?

Frequent Answers & Questions

If you are looking for cheap, plastic, fake-looking or SketchUp-type 3D renderings, we are not the best fit for you.
On the other side, if you think your development is unique and you don’t want to compromise your market positioning and attract the right customers, we are the best fit.
Prices are variable and built on a project-based, so you can contact us to get a quote: it’s free.
Please send us your set of construction drawings using the form on this page; we will promptly reply to you with a report that includes our best proposal and your detailed case study.

Yuge™ is a complex 3D renderings technique that speed-up the renderings development process 5x. Our process takes 3 to 5 days max, on average. When the client is responsive and the files provided are correct, the process usually takes three days. The Yuge™ process is breaking down into 3 main steps.
  • On-boarding: Files upload and verification
  • Development: Presentation>1st Feedback>revisions>2nd feedabck
  • Delivery: your 3D renderings are ready
  • Developers that are focused on quality and want to attract customers ready to pay for that quality.
    We provide hyper-realistic 3D renderings because we model every single detail.
    We believe that if you decide to go, for example, with a particular type of dishwasher in your apartments, the dishwasher in the 3D renderings should be the same.

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