5 Things To Know When you post your real estate ads on Kijiji


Kijiji is one of the most used platforms to sell or rent real estate properties in Canada.

The first thing everybody does when to decide to relocate or buy/sell a property it’s to start a search on Google.

If you are one of this and you live in Canada, probably you start your search using 2 words: home (apartments, condos, house) + the city you want to move in.


The result: the first 2-4 links you find on top in Google link to Kijiji’s posts.

This can give you the idea of the size of this platform.

Here below 5 Things, you should know about Kijiji and why you should include it in your marketing strategies to sell or rent your properties.


1- Kijiji is huge!

  • More the 13M of Canadians use Kijiji on a monthly basis
  • Every second 2 new ads are posted on Kijiji, EVERY SECOND!
  • In this moment, more than 6,5M posted are live on Kijiji
  • Kijiji is the most used classified website in Canada


2- Kijiji’s SEO is way better than your website’s SEO

When you post your properties on Kijiji you are sure that these properties will be visible in the top 10 results in Google.

This mean that Kijiji SEO it’s very well structured to give to your properties the best visibility possible.

Clearly you are not the only one with properties for sale on Kijiji, but the chance you have to be visible, on a larger audience, it’s higher then to be found on your website

Unless you consider a massive investment of time and money. In this case we can help you out.


3- Kijiji help you to identify the competition

The volume of the Real Estate ads on Kijiji is so big that probably you are able to find all other properties on sale in the same city as yours.

In this scenario, your are able to evaluate your market positioning in term of price, location and value proposition.

Let’s put it in this way, your competitors are there to give you all their information about what they have on sale (or rent) which price strategies they adopt and what they offer in terms of finishings, amenities, optional and fees.


4- Kijiji has a very user-friendly interface

When a website is used from 40% of the entire population, means the people are familiar with it. It’s not easy to design a website that it’s easy to navigate, fast to upload and optimized to convert visitors in leads. Kijiji optimizes this 3 important aspects in one of the most simple websites to use.

Most of the time developers tend to overload the website’s pages with too many information, too many call-to-actions or too heavy pictures to load. On the other side, website’s owners always ask to put more information, more pictures, and more text that it’s needed.

Kijiji solves this problem giving a lot of restrictions in order to keep the user experience as much uniforms as possible and to ensure readability, fast upload and more important, optimizing all these parameters for desktops, and mobile


5- Kijiji is optimized for mobile (Kijiji App)!

Even if we are in 2016 and most of the traffic come from mobile, most of the websites are not mobile ready yet. I know, sounds weird, but still today, website’s owner do not get how important is to have 2 different websites: one for desktop and one for mobile.

Even a responsive website is not enough.

This is the reason why Kijiji push on its mobile users their native app. The app it’s optimized to ensure the best user experience via mobile.

So, You have 2 choices:

  1. You can order a new website to your developer specifically designed for mobile
  2. You can start to use Kijiji to be sure that mobile lovers can still find and browse your properties and maybe shoot you an email asking more info about your properties.



If you are considering to start to use Kijiji or if you want to improve your Kijiji performances, we are working on:



How to optimize your real estate ads on Kijiji and get more leads.

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  1. William

    What is the best time of day to put apartment rentals on Kijiji. Thanks

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