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5 steps to brand your real estate development - Set your Budget

With more than 3,000 brands designed in my professional life, I can say that this part is the more painful part for anybody approach the idea to design or hire somebody to design a new brand.

90% of the companies have no clue about how much gonna cost to develop a well-done brand. Why?

Because most of the times real estate developers are more focused on what they want instead to be focused on what they can actually afford.

The solution is just to set clearly the entity of your future investment in branding and stick on it.

Then, start a deep research to optimize your investment with the best real estate developments marketing agency that offer you the best value for money.


If you have no idea if you budget is over-estimated or under-estimated the best action you can do is:

start to connect with hyperspecialized marketing agencies that have several real estate developments projects in their portfolio.

If you want to speed-up the entire knowledge process, call Yuge and you can get free insights over the phone.

But please, trust me on a budget! Spend your time to set the budget, even if you think it’s stupid or it’s a waste of time, soon or later you will change your mind and next time when you’ll sit down with your marketing agency the first thing you’ll tell them will be:

What can you do for me within this budget?

They’ll jump on their chairs!

And remember, stick on it, stick on it, stick on it, stick on it, stick on it, stick on it!





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