5 steps to brand your real estate development - Name it & Design it!

Now, that you know how much money you want to spend to brand your property, you can also set your expectations about the level of the final output.

Basically, the entire process can be brake-down in 3 simple tasks.

  • Nomenclature
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Elements Guide




This part can be easy or hard all depend from how much you want to scale your brand in the future: some names sound great, but when is time to start to build your website you are not able to have an SEO friendly URL or, worst case scenario, the same name already belong to another real estate development in New York or Chicago, for example.

Suggestion: start always to test name availability using, in this case, you can easily find out if the name is already taken or if nobody use it already. After this search you can go to GoDaddy and find if the domain is available ….and if you are lucky, you can buy your domain and ensure your presence on-line.

Obviously, pick a good name to catch the right audience, that difference yourself from your competitors, that sounds good and that it’s able to represent your project is not an easy task, so if you have any problem to go trough this process you are always in time to share your vision and your ambitions with Yuge and we can help you out to get what you need to succeed!


Logo Design

This part can be hard to execute by yourself. Usually, it’s a good idea to hire a reputable marketing agency to design your logo.

The logo is a long term investment, often it will last as much as your building last, so in this case cut corners is not a good idea!

Today is possible to design a logo with 5 dollars on Fiverr or you can spend 5,000 to 10,000 dollars with an agency, the question you should ask yourself is:

Do I really want to promote my real estate development in a super competitive market leaving the destiny of the entire operation in a student’s hands?

Hope you answer is NO! to this question.

Tip: just browse on the internet and try to find a good  real estate development branding and marketing agency and ask them to help you out to put the greatest label to your property. Does no matter if your real estate development is in Chicago, Miami, Toronto, New York, Montreal or Halifax, you can work remotely with your agency and get all the deliverable using Dropbox.


Brand Elements Guide

I like to call this part: the ultimate guide of your brand!

In short, is a book where your brand is clearly explained from A to Z. Name, Logo, Tagline, Graphics, Shapes, Colors, Fonts and all the potential future applications.

Let’s say, the Brand Elements Guide is a place where you or anybody else can easily find all the possible use of your brand explained.

This is the only way to preserve your brand in the future and improve it while you doing new marketing strategies or while you add more elements to your campaigns.

Because every single step you make will go in just one direction: improve your brand awareness!

In the next post you will learn how to deal with the fourth step.

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