5 steps to brand your real estate development - Hustle!


All set!

Now your branding is ready to be widespread to the world!

Hustle is a super-power word, but what it does mean?

Hustle meaning: all your efforts, all your energies, all your money, all your beliefs and all your messages they have to go in just one direction: reach the goal.

When you hustle your passion explode in every direction and the people outside can perceive this.

This is why most of your contents need to be focused on giving to the people what they want and not to try to sell them something.

As I explained in one of my recent posts it’s all about engaging isn’t anymore about selling something to somebody.

The people behaviour is changed, they want to select where and when they gonna spend their time and on what they gonna put their attention, doing that they are able to select very carefully each input they get and where these inputs came from.

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I give you a good news: even if the people behaviour is changed this doesn’t mean that for you the work now it’s harder, look around you and see how many people use they smartphones right now all of them they spend most of their time watching these small screens and staying in connections with other people using social media, for us as marketers, this mean that we know exactly where our audience is and what they like.

Saying that, my last insight is this: you have to be consistent, very consistent, otherwise, you will miss an opportunity to be a part of their day.

In the end, you have to follow these 4 simple rules:

  • be consistent
  • be fair & honest
  • be focused on the goal
  • be passionate

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  1. My top tip for real estate agents and those in the industry is to build their email list. This means creating a well done sales funnel on their sites. Start by having an opt-in or newsletter sign up on your site that tells those who visit that if they give you their email address, you are going to give them something of value back.

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