5 steps to brand your real estate development - Find the channel


Finding your best channel to promote your business will allow you to have the best ROI and get the best results.

But, what’s the channel?

In marketing, the channel is the way your brand take to get in connection with your audience.

We can easily identify 2 big channels:


The best way to explain these 2 mega-categories is this:

Inbound it’s all about to interact with your audience. In order to be able to do this usually, your focus is on new media, since they allow you to actually generate your marketing contents and start to engage your audience generating interest and generating leads.

Outbound it’s more focused on pushing out to your audience your promotional message and just wait if someone knock your door.


Obviously, nowadays inbound marketing is the best way to promote your brand, period.

Since I strongly suggest you to use more inbound marketing than outbound, the problem is to find the correct channel to “spread the word”.

In order to do that you should learn about the nature of each channel you want to use; for example, Facebook has more 1.5B active users, this mean that everybody are on Facebook, this mean that you cannot sacrifice this channel.

Twitter is very popular in North America, with more than 1.3B users, you have a huge audience to target on daily basis. Then you have, Pinterest,  Instagram, Tumblr, and many other important social media. Also, you can set a very strong newsletter strategy to stay connected with you subscribers and then you can create a blog and some very focused landing page in your website….

The solutions are endless since you have a good coordinator to drive all your expenses in the correct way.

You have to think about your inbound strategies like a big symphonic orchestra and like any good orchestra you need a very talented director.

About one thing I’m really determined: nobody then you should create your content, please do not share stupid, useless, cheap or crap contents outside, the only result you will get is to damage your brand and your reputation.

Invest your money in hiring an in-house content creator with social media skills to generate and spread your content outside, is the best investment you ever made.

Last but not least: craft a story!

The people like to connect with people and with their story.

Talk about you, as a developer, tell your story, the story of your project, the successes, the struggling and  do your best to make your vision and your credo interesting and engaging.

Take 90 seconds of your life and watch this video


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  1. Building a personal brand is first and foremost developing an understanding of your true self, and then sharing that with the world. Take your masks off and don t be afraid of being vulnerable.

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